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NYWAY 2021 Open State Championship

May 8th & 9th, 2021


Our 2021 NYWAY Girls State Championship will NOT be a part of this event.  We will hold the girls their own event on June 19th, 2021 @ Main Street Armory.  All-female wrestlers can participate in the Open State Championship if they choose to.

 This will allow us to spotlight our female wrestlers in New York!  

Let's continue to grow Women's Wrestling!



Good Morning Parents, Athletes, and Coaches,

Thank you for bearing with us at NYWAY as we navigated our State Championship during this unique year.  We are incredibly grateful to give your wrestlers this opportunity to take part in our first event in over a year.  Please see below for several updates for the weekend.  Safe travels to all and we will see you on the mat!

Thank you,




  • Please park around in the building in rows (There is parking all the way around it.  Do not block entrances or park in a spot that is not designated for parking.
  • ADDITIONAL parking is across the street.  Again, please park according to the lines in the parking lots. 
  • AVOID parking on the street as you WILL be towed.


If you have not gotten your current 2021 NYWAY Individual Membership you are flagged at weigh-ins and will NOT be able to weigh-in until it is completed, those who have not have already been emailed.

  • Weigh-ins for D1-D9 will be on Friday, May 7th, 2021 from 5-8 pm at Main Street Armory.  We will have a hard shut down at 8:00 pm!  Please give yourself enough time as we MUST be out of the facility on time.
  • Weigh-ins for D10 will be on Saturday- May 8th, 2021 from 6-8 pm at Main Street Armory.  We will have a hard shut down at 8:00 pm!  Please give yourself enough time as we MUST be out of the facility on time.

Brackets will be released when weigh-ins have concluded


  • Saturday- May 8th, 2021 (Doors will open at 7 am)
    • 1st Session- D1, D2, D3, D4, and D8. Wrestling will be from 8 am – 1 pm
    • 2nd Session- D5, D6, D7, and D9.  Wrestling will be from 2 pm – approx. 8 pm.
  • Sunday- May 9th, 2021 (Doors will open at 7 am)
    • D10 wrestling ONLY.  Wrestling will begin at 8:00 am


  • 2 spectators per athlete.  We MUST stay within the numbers given to us from the Local & State Health Department.  Please plan accordingly!
  • Track Cast can be purchased by clicking on the link below. Cost $19.95 and is to be paid and purchased through track.



  • General Admissions
    • $15.00 Adult Day General Admission
    • $25.00 Adult Weekend General Admission
    • $5.00 Children Day General Admission
    • $7.00 Children Weekend General Admission
  • Coaches floor passes can only be purchased at the event
    • $25.00 Day Coach Floor Pass (Includes General Admission)
    • $45.00 Weekend Coach Floor Pass (Includes General Admission)


NYWAY will follow and enforce New York’s COVID PROTOCOLS for our tournaments:

We thank you all for your patience and understanding with the set of rules that have been given to us by the Local & State Health Board.  Our athletes and their families are in our best interest and if we ALL work together on these items we can have a successful event!

  • If you are sick, please STAY HOME!  If you have a temperature, please STAY HOME! If you are in quarantine, do not come to the event, STAY HOME!
  • Everyone attending our event, including coaches, officials, athletes, staff, and spectators, age 2 and older, must wear face coverings (masks or face shields) unless they are outdoors and can consistently maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet.
  • Athletes are not required to wear face coverings while actively engaged in workouts and competitions that prevent the wearing of face coverings but must wear face coverings when not competing.
  • We will enforce wearing a mask the entire event.  If asked to put your mask back up your wristband will be parked.  If asked a second time to put your face covering back on you will be asked to leave.  To come back in you must pay admissions again.
  • The community, organization, and/or team must educate all athletes, staff, and families about the symptoms of COVID-19 and when to stay home. Athletes and families also should be educated on proper handwashing and sanitizing.
  • Coaching staff, officials, and other adult personnel must always wear face coverings (masks or face shields).
  • Coaches and athletes must always maintain appropriate social distancing possible, including in the field of play, locker rooms, sidelines, dugouts, benches, and workout areas. During downtime, athletes, coaches, and officials should not congregate.
  • Tournament staff, coaches, and athletic staff must screen and monitor athletes for symptoms before and during games and practices. If individuals participat­ing in sporting activities show symptoms, have a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher, or are sick, they must be sent home.
  • Avoid shaking hands, fist bumps, or high fives before, during, or after the match. Limit unnecessary physical contact with teammates, other athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators.


2021 NYWAY State Championship Rules:

  • All divisions are determined by birth year.
  • Open to all Girl & Boy Athletes
  • Welcome to all wrestlers who attend a school within New York State boundaries
  • Modified NYS High School Rules with NYS Certified Referees
  • NFHS overtime rules apply to D8, D9 & D10 Headgear is highly encouraged. Mouth Gear Mandatory with braces.
  • Period lengths - Divisions 1-7 (1-1-1) Overtime 1 min then: 30 sudden victory. D8, D9 & D10 (1:30, 1:30, 1:30) true overtime
  • Welcome to all wrestlers who attend a school within New York State boundaries
  • Weight classes with 5 or fewer wrestlers will wrestle in a round-robin format.
  • No weight allowance and must weigh in a singlet.
  • If wrestlers do not make the weight they are registered in, they will be moved to the next weight class up (This will ONLY happen for the 2021 State Championship- due to having no Regional Qualifiers)

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Let's keep pushing forward this season!


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