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Individual NYWAY Membership, $17.00

Individual Membership is valid from

September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018.  

Proof of membership is your receipt and/or Individual card can be printed from your dashboard. If you have lost your receipt all individual memberships can be accessed from your SportSEngine dashboard under, "Purchases."

**If you are registering eight (8) or more wrestlers at a time we advise that you do them in no larger than batches of eight (8) to ten (10) participants.  This will ensure that your session is not "TIMED OUT" and you will not have a loss of any data. **

If you have just registered your Club please allow 24 hours for your club to be opened in the Individual Membership.

Click on link below to register for Individual Membership

Register for Individual Membership

If you are a coach and would like a registration template that would better assist you in gathering the information you will need for your wrestlers in the registration please click on the form below.

Find your NYWAY ID


Kristen Tessier

Phone: 585-880-6762

Each wrestler needs a NYWAY Membership to participate in practices, events and NYWAY sanctioned tournament(s).  For some of the NYWAY Tournaments, a $5 time limited day pass may be available for coverage for a specified date/tournament.  

DAY PASS REGISTRATION will be available within the tournament registration!